View (2016-17) (25 Pieces)

From GDCA Gallery:
“View”, is a sensory-visual exploration spanning 16 individual single Glass Block paintings, through which the artist goes beyond the boundaries of form…utilizing his signature hyper-realism to zoom in and discover de-constructed surfaces reminiscent of lunar landscapes.

This is better than dreaming…this is better than a psychedelic adventure. The view that is offered through the prism of California’s rediscovered beloved architectural it-factor, the glass-block, is one of liquification.

We experience a fluid dance of colors and rhythm through portals of exquisite distortion. Filtered through a molten lens, we experience an altered reality… The components are recognizable, the colors feel familiar, but they are rearranged by the gravity of liquefaction.

Stripped of their definition, we are asked to leave behind words and names and meaning… and instead dive into the heart of the matter… we are carried straight into the soul of the world that surrounds us… a world of aqueous splendor.